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Main Entry: 2correct
Function: adjective
1 : meeting or agreeing with a particular standard <correct behavior>
2 : agreeing with fact or known truth <the correct pronunciation>
- corĚrectĚly /-primarystressrek-(t)lemacron/ adverb
- corĚrectĚness /-primarystressrek(t)-nschwas/ noun
synonyms CORRECT, ACCURATE, EXACT, PRECISE mean brought into agreement with truth, a fact, or a standard. CORRECT stresses the notion that something is free from error <a correct answer>. ACCURATE stresses that great care has been taken to make sure that something agrees with the facts <an accurate description of the meeting>. EXACT stresses that something agrees very closely with fact or truth <the exact number of people present at the meeting>. PRECISE suggests an even closer or more careful agreement with fact or with a certain standard <the precise measurements of the room>.

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