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Main Entry: 1deep
Pronunciation: primarystressdemacronp
Function: adjective
1 a : extending far downward <a deep well> b : having a great distance between the top and bottom surfaces : not shallow <deep water> c : extending well inward from an outer or front surface <a deep gash> d : extending far outward from a center <deep space> e : occurring or located near the outer limits <deep right field>
2 : having a specified extension downward or backward <a shelf 40 centimeters deep>
3 a : difficult to understand <a deep book> b : MYSTERIOUS, OBSCURE <a deep dark secret> c : PROFOUND 1 <a deep thinker> d : completely absorbed <deep in thought> e : being to an extreme degree : HEAVY <deep sleep>
4 a : dark and rich in color <a deep red> b : having a low musical pitch or range <a deep voice>
5 a : coming from or located well within <a deep sigh> <a house deep in the forest> b : covered, enclosed, or filled often to a specified degree <knee-deep in water> <a road deep with snow>
- deepĚly adverb

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