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Main Entry: 1mean
Pronunciation: primarystressmemacronn
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English mene, imene "held in common, inferior," from Old English gem[AE]ne "held in common"
1 : lacking distinction or prominence : HUMBLE
2 : of poor, shabby, or inferior quality or status <lives in mean surroundings>
3 : worthy of little regard : INFERIOR -- often used in negative constructions as a term of praise <a person of no mean ability>
4 : deliberately unkind
5 : STINGY 1, miserly
6 : SPITEFUL, MALICIOUS <a mean remark>
7 : causing trouble or bother <a mean horse>
8 : EXCELLENT <plays a mean trumpet>
- meanĚly adverb
- meanĚness /primarystressmemacronn-nschwas/ noun

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