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Main Entry: 1spir·it
Pronunciation: primarystressspir-schwat
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English spirit "a life-giving force," derived from Latin spiritus, literally, "breath"
1 : a force within a human being thought to give the body life, energy, and power : SOUL
2 a capitalized : HOLY SPIRIT b : a being (as a ghost) whose existence cannot be explained by the known laws of nature
3 : 1MOOD <in good spirits>
4 : a lively or brisk quality <answered with spirit>
5 : real meaning or intention <the spirit of the law>
6 : an attitude governing one's actions <said in a spirit of fun>
7 a : a distilled alcoholic liquor -- usually used in plural b : a solution in alcohol -- often used in plural <spirits of camphor>

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