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Main Entry: 1weight
Pronunciation: primarystresswamacrt
Function: noun
1 a : the amount that something weighs b : the standard amount that something should weigh <fined for selling meat under weight>
2 a : a quantity or portion weighing usually a certain amount <equal weights of flour and butter> b : a heavy object (as a metal ball) used in athletic exercises and contests
3 a : a unit (as a pound or kilogram) of weight or mass -- see MEASURE table; see METRIC SYSTEM table b : an object (as a piece of metal) of known weight for balancing a scale in weighing other objects
4 a : something heavy : LOAD b : a heavy object used to hold, press down, or balance something else <clock weights>
5 : a mental or emotional burden <had a weight on my conscience>
6 : the force with which a body is attracted toward the earth or a heavenly body by gravitation
7 a : the importance given to something <opinions that carry weight> b : the greater or more impressive part <the weight of the evidence is for a verdict of guilty>

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