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Main Entry: 1stir
Pronunciation: primarystressstschwar
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): stirred; stir·ring
1 a : to make or cause to make an especially small movement or change of position <the leaves were barely stirring> b : to disturb the quiet of : AGITATE <the bear stirred up the bees>
2 : to mix, dissolve, or make especially by a continued circular movement <stir the pudding>
3 a : to rouse to action or strong feeling : INCITE <his pleas stirred the crowd> b : to call forth (as a memory) : EVOKE <stirred thoughts of home> c : to cause to take place : PROVOKE <stir up trouble>
4 : to be active or busy <not a creature was stirring>
- stir·rer noun

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