Student Thesaurus

One entry found for annoyance.
Entry Word: annoyance
Function: noun
Text: 1 the act of making unwelcome intrusions upon another <they have an unlisted number in the hopes that it will reduce the constant annoyance by telephone salespeople>
Synonyms aggravation, bedevilment, bothering, bugging, disturbance, harassment, harrying, pestering, teasing, vexation
Related Words molestation, offense (or offence), persecution, provocation, torment, torture
2 the feeling of impatience or anger caused by another's repeated disagreeable acts <Carlene made known her annoyance at having to pick up her sister's dirty clothes>
Synonyms aggravation, bother, exasperation, frustration, irritation, vexation
Related Words agitation, anger, angriness, discomfort, displeasure, distress, disturbance, indignation, irateness, ire, outrage, perturbation, resentment; dander, dudgeon, huff, peeve, pet, pique, umbrage, upset
Near Antonyms delight, pleasure
3 something that is a source of irritation <flashing ads, visual clutter, and other annoyances that are the price for free information on the Internet>
Synonyms aggravation, bother, exasperation, frustration, hassle, headache, inconvenience, irritant, nuisance, peeve, pest, problem, thorn
Related Words affront, insult, offense; upset, worry; affliction, cross, curse, menace, plague; plight, predicament, trial, tribulation; annoyer, disturber, offender
Near Antonyms delight, joy, pleasure
4 one who is obnoxiously annoying <younger brothers can be an annoyance sometimes> -- see NUISANCE 1