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Entry Word: common sense
Function: noun
Text: the ability to make intelligent decisions especially in everyday matters <common sense should tell you not to meet face-to-face with someone who is just an online acquaintance>
Synonyms discreetness, discretion, horse sense, levelheadedness, prudence, sense, sensibleness, wisdom, wit
Related Words street smarts; farsightedness, foresight, foresightedness, judgment (or judgement); brains, gray matter, intelligence; logicalness, practicality, rationality; discernment, discrimination, insight, sagacity, sapience; acumen, astuteness, keenness, penetration, perspicacity, shrewdness; care, caution, circumspection, precaution, premeditation
Near Antonyms shortsightedness; brainlessness, foolishness, idiocy, senselessness, stupidity; carelessness, heedlessness
Antonyms imprudence, indiscretion