Student Thesaurus

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Entry Word: corruption
Function: noun
Text: 1 the process by which dead organic matter separates into simpler substances <the ancient Egyptians used special preservatives to spare their dead from complete corruption>
Synonyms breakdown, decay, decomposition, putrefaction, rot, spoilage
Related Words crumbling, disintegration, dissolution; curdling, fermentation, moldering, souring
Near Antonyms growth, maturation, ripening
2 a sinking to a state of low moral standards and behavior <the corruption of the upper classes eventually led to the fall of the Roman empire>
Synonyms corruptness, debasement, debauchery, decadence, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, demoralization, depravity, dissipatedness, dissipation, dissoluteness, perversion
Related Words evil, immorality, nefariousness, sinfulness, wickedness
Near Antonyms goodness, morality, righteousness, virtue
3 immoral conduct or practices harmful or offensive to society <Socrates was put to death because the ancient Athenians believed he was spreading corruption to their youth> -- see VICE 1