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Entry Word: gather
Function: verb
Text: 1 to bring together in one body or place <he gathered the leftovers from the table and gave them to the dog> <let's gather the students and have them line up on the playground before going in from recess>
Synonyms accumulate, amass, assemble, collect, concentrate, garner, group, lump, pick up, round up, scrape (together)
Related Words agglomerate, aggregate, ball, bunch, cluster, huddle; heap, pile, stack; muster, raise, rally; flock, herd, hive, pack, press, swarm, throng, troop; congregate, forgather (or foregather), meet, rendezvous; affiliate, ally, combine, connect, join, link, merge, unite; arrange, organize, systematize; regather, regroup
Phrases get together
Near Antonyms break up, disband, disintegrate, dissolve, separate, sever, split (up); dismiss, send
Antonyms dispel, disperse, dissipate, scatter
2 to catch or collect (a crop or natural resource) for human use <July and August is when we gather the tomatoes and begin canning them for the winter> -- see HARVEST
3 to come together into one body or place <a crowd gathered around the street musician> <ask the faculty to gather in the lounge for the meeting> -- see ASSEMBLE 1
4 to form an opinion through reasoning and information <I gather that, since you are back so early, she didn't want to see you?> -- see INFER 1
5 to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass <the newspapers that had been allowed to gather on the front doorstep told thieves that the family was away on vacation> -- see COLLECT 2
6 to increase in <the car gathered speed as it rolled down the hill> -- see GAIN 1