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Entry Word: give
Function: verb
Text: 1 to make a present of <tutors gave their time to help students after school>
Synonyms bestow, contribute, donate, present
Related Words chip in, kick in, pitch in; award, confer, dole (out), endow; afford, furnish, provide; lavish, regale; aid, assist, benefit, help; administer, dispense, impart, issue, render; extend, offer, pay, proffer, tender; sacrifice
Near Antonyms hold, keep, pocket, retain, withhold; preserve, save; advance, lend, loan; sell
2 to put (something) into the possession or safekeeping of another <gave my camera to my father to hold while I went swimming>
Synonyms commend, commit, consign, delegate, deliver, entrust, hand over, leave, pass, transfer, transmit, trust, turn over, vest
Related Words confer, grant; assign, deal (out), dispense, disperse, distribute, divide; release, relinquish, submit, surrender, turn in, yield; bequeath, hand down, will; advance, lend, loan; furnish, supply
Near Antonyms detain, hold back, reserve, withhold; own, possess; accept, receive, take in; occupy, take, take over
Antonyms hold, keep, retain
3 to bring before the public in performance or exhibition <the author will give a reading from her latest work at 7:00 p.m.> -- see PRESENT 1
4 to fall down or in as a result of physical pressure <they loaded the shopping cart with so much food it gave under all the weight> -- see COLLAPSE 1
5 to hand over or use up in payment <I wouldn't give a nickel for such a run-down car> -- see SPEND 1
6 to make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion) <she gave her opinion on the matter very firmly and unmistakably> -- see EXPRESS 1
7 to occupy (oneself) diligently or with close attention <totally gave himself to his studies in the hopes of winning a scholarship for next year> -- see APPLY 2
8 to produce as revenue <a company that consistently gives $30 million in profits to the owner> -- see YIELD 2
9 to put (something) into the possession of someone for use or consumption <gave him my e-mail address> -- see FURNISH 2
10 to put before another for acceptance or consideration <she gave the committee her grant proposal> -- see OFFER 1