Student Thesaurus

One entry found for intimidate.
Entry Word: intimidate
Function: verb
Text: to make timid or fearful by or as if by threats <refusing to be intimidated by the manager's harsh stare, I demanded my money back>
Synonyms browbeat, bully, cow, hector
Related Words affright, alarm, frighten, horrify, scare, shock, spook, startle, terrify; menace, terrorize, threaten; badger, harass, hound; bulldoze, coerce, compel, constrain, dragoon, force, make, oblige, press, pressure; demoralize, unman, unnerve; discompose, disconcert, disquiet, distress, disturb, perturb, upset
Near Antonyms cheer, comfort, console, reassure, solace, soothe; embolden, encourage, hearten, steel; convince, persuade