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Entry Word: new
Function: adjective
Text: 1 taking the place of one that came before <after my bike was stolen, my scooter became my new mode of transportation>
Synonyms backup, makeshift, substitute
Related Words alternate, alternative; different, other, separate; extra, spare; another, second; utility; successive; equivalent
Near Antonyms first, former; equal, identical, same; lasting, permanent
Antonyms original
2 not known or experienced before <Spanish was a new course of study for her> <the Americas were new lands for the European explorers>
Synonyms fresh, novel, original, strange, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unknown, unprecedented
Related Words innovative, unique; nontraditional, unconventional, untried, unused, unworn
Near Antonyms conventional, established, traditional, tried, tried-and-true; derivative, imitative
Antonyms familiar, old, time-honored, tired
3 recently made and never used before <that unique scent that is the telltale sign of a new car>
Synonyms brand-new, spick-and-span (or spic-and-span), unused
Related Words clean, fresh, pristine, unspoiled; untouched; newfangled, new-fashioned; natural, raw, virgin, unprocessed, untreated, unworked
Near Antonyms dirty, soiled, spoiled, stale; aged, beat-up, old, worn
Antonyms hand-me-down, second hand, used
4 made or become fresh in spirits or vigor <a little rest made him a new man after the exhausting basketball game>
Synonyms energized, freshened, invigorated, reanimated, recreated, reenergized, refreshed, regenerated, renewed, resuscitated, revived
Related Words animated, enlivened, exhilarated, jazzed (up); resurrected; rested, untired, unwearied
Near Antonyms tired, weary; dampened, deadened; emasculated, unmanned; demoralized, disheartened, dispirited
Antonyms drained, enervated, exhausted, weakened
5 being or involving the latest methods, concepts, information, or styles <new techniques in surgery> -- see MODERN