Student Thesaurus

One entry found for vice.
Entry Word: vice
Function: noun
Text: 1 immoral conduct or practices harmful or offensive to society <that section of the city is legendary for crime and vice>
Synonyms corruption, debauchery, depravity, immorality, iniquity, licentiousness, sin
Related Words bad, badness, blackness, evil, evildoing, ill, wickedness, wrong, villainy; atrociousness, evilness, heinousness, nefariousness, sinfulness, unscrupulousness, viciousness, vileness; devilry (or deviltry), fiendishness; corruptness, debasement, degeneracy, degeneration, depravedness, dissolution; indecency, lasciviousness, lewdness, looseness, perversion; abomination, anathema, taboo (also tabu); criminality, reprehensibleness; baseness, despicableness, dirtiness, lowness, meanness; lousiness, miserableness, wretchedness
Near Antonyms good, right; honesty, honor, integrity, legitimacy, probity, rectitude, scrupulousness, uprightness; goodness, righteousness, virtuousness; blamelessness; chastity, innocence, perfection, pureness, purity, spotlessness; cleanness, correctness, decency, decorousness, propriety, rightness, seemliness
Antonyms morality, virtue
2 a defect in character <curiosity in children is not a vice, but something to be encouraged> -- see FAULT 1