September 01, 2015
mundane (adjective)
\mun-DAYN\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : of or relating to the world : worldly2 : having to do with the practical details of everyday life : commonplace
How do you use it?
Mundane tasks like ironing and turning on the lights became impossible when the storm cut off electric power to the region.
Are you a word wiz?

We came up with a bunch of example sentences using "mundane," but only one uses the word correctly. Which sentence do you think is correct?

If you picked C as the answer, you've shown word sense that's out of the ordinary. The vase in sentence A is described as a rare antique, which isn't something that you'd come across every day. In sentence B, Ed knows that it will take more than an ordinary amount of effort to haul that toboggan up that hill. And sentence D uses "mundane" as a noun instead of an adjective, so that one can be thrown out. That leaves sentence C, and Rhonda's down-to-earth nature. "Mundane," in fact, comes from "mundus," which is the Latin word for "world," and "earthy" is one of its synonyms.
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