October 10, 2015
linger (verb)
\LING-gur\ Hear it!
What does it mean?
1 : to be slow in quitting a place or activity2 : to be slow to act
How do you use it?
"And then her eyes went to Tuck and lingered on his sad, creased face." (Natalie Babbit, _Tuck Everlasting_)
Are you a word wiz?

Which of the following words do you think has about the same meaning as "linger"? (You can linger here while you make your decision.)

"Linger," "loiter," "dawdle, and "dally" all mean to move or act slowly, often for no particular reason. "Linger" suggests an unwillingness to leave a pleasant place. ("It was time to get home, but we lingered on the beach a little longer."). "Loiter" suggests aimless wandering or waiting. ("The storekeeper chased away anyone loitering around the entrance.") "Dawdle" suggests wasting time, often when you're supposed to be doing something else. ("The children dawdled so much that they were late for school.") "Dally" suggests not doing what you are supposed to be doing either because you're unable to make a decision or because you're distracted by less important things. ("Stop dallying and get to work.")
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