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classified terms

  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a special way of speaking in code
    Word History: classified means "secret" and terms are "words"
    Example Sentence: At the oasis of this quasi sentence, I speaketh in classified terms.
    Submitted by: Lolo from NY, USA on 11/17/2007 10:29


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to claw at and then swat
    Example Sentence: Don't clat each other!
    Submitted by: Livia from PA, USA on 02/04/2008 07:02


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: afraid of Santa Claus
    Example Sentence: The clausterfobic girl would hide under her bed on Christmas Eve.
    Submitted by: Ciara L. from Texas, USA on 01/14/2008 07:53


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: afraid of being trapped in a tight spot
    Example Sentence: She gets claustrophobic when she is in a tight spot.
    Submitted by: E.C. from PA, USA on 12/24/2007 10:16
  2. Function: adjective
    Definition: afraid of small spaces
    Example Sentence: My claustrophobic cousin couldn't play in the tunnel.
    Submitted by: Sarah from North Carolina on 11/08/2007 02:25


  1. Function: interjection
    Definition: used to indicaate that something hurt
    Example Sentence: Clave! I sat on a tack!
    Submitted by: Minsta from MA on 07/05/2008 09:32


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: abnormal sleepiness: inability to wake up
    Word History: coined by Austin
    Example Sentence: She was so claxergie, she couldn't even wake up for her party.
    Submitted by: Austin H. from AL on 09/27/2007 01:45


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a sculpture made out of clay
    Example Sentence: I made a clayture in the shape of a robot.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from USA on 10/31/2011 08:32


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: both cruel and mean toward others
    Word History: My brother was being mean, so I called him cleam.
    Example Sentence: You are so cleam.
    Submitted by: Theresa from NY, USA on 10/13/2007 09:53


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: terrifically clean
    Example Sentence: Your room is cleanerific.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from AZ, USA on 08/20/2012 08:09


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: messy but not dirty: clean and messy at the same time
    Example Sentence: My house is so cleanessy that I can't find the clean stuff under the piles.
    Submitted by: Aghass from Texas on 02/14/2009 05:32