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  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a champion winner of spelling bees
    Word History: Bigat is Filipino for weight. One has weight in spelling. So Americans say beegoth.
    Example Sentence: Here comes a beegoth from yesterday's spelling bout.
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Iloilo, Philippines on 10/13/2007 10:21


  1. Function: adjective
    Definition: cheap in construction or tacky in style
    Example Sentence: This is a kitschy restaurant.
    Submitted by: Princess on 10/13/2007 10:07


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a place where everyone can be observed
    Example Sentence: The Versailles is a big panopticon.
    Submitted by: Anonymous on 10/13/2007 10:05


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to sit in one place and read a very long story
    Example Sentence: I like to readify in my new chair.
    Submitted by: Caroline from Kentucky on 10/13/2007 09:33


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: person who tells stories well
    Word History: It comes from the French word raconter which means "to tell."
    Example Sentence: The raconteur told a story that made us all shiver.
    Submitted by: Kris from Washington on 10/13/2007 02:01


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to yell loudly
    Word History: I called someone at the top of my lungs and then collapsed.
    Example Sentence: I callogated after my friend who walked across the field.
    Submitted by: M&M from Alabama, USA on 10/12/2007 10:19


  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to jump across large amounts of space
    Word History: I used catapult and loop as words.
    Example Sentence: I kallooped down the stairs.
    Submitted by: M&M from Alabama, USA on 10/12/2007 10:13

technicolor yawn

  1. Function: verb
    Definition: to vomit
    Word History: American slang
    Example Sentence: I'm going to technicolor yawn!
    Submitted by: Anonymous from Surrey, England on 10/12/2007 10:04


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: a small Chihuahua dog
    Example Sentence: I have a pet chichiwawa.
    Submitted by: Nicole from IL, USA on 10/12/2007 09:58


  1. Function: noun
    Definition: an event that is part disaster and part catastrophe
    Word History: disaster + catastrophe = disastrophe
    Example Sentence: It's a disastrophe!
    Submitted by: Jessica & Stepha from NY, USA on 10/12/2007 09:14