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Main Entry: MenĚdel's law
Pronunciation: secondarystressmen-dschwalz-
Function: noun
1 : a principle in genetics: paired inherited units that control the expression of a character (as height or seed color) separate during germ cell formation so that each sperm or egg receives only one member of each pair -- called also law of segregation
2 : a principle in genetics that has exceptions due to the discovery of linkage: the members of two or more different pairs of inherited units are passed on to a germ cell independently of each other and the various sperms and eggs unite according to the laws of chance sometimes resulting in new combinations of inherited units and of the characters they control -- called also law of independent assortment
3 : a principle in genetics that has many exceptions: when the two members of a pair of inherited units are different, the dominant one controls the expression of the character -- called also law of dominance

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