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Main Entry: af·ter·math
Pronunciation: primarystressaf-tschwar-secondarystressmath
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English mæth "mowing," from mamacrwan "to mow"
1 : 2RESULT 1, consequence <felt tired as an aftermath of the race>
2 : the period immediately following a usually destructive event <the aftermath of war>
Word History The second part of aftermath comes from the Old English word mæth, meaning "the result of a mowing or harvesting," that is, a crop. This word was derived from the Old English verb mamacrwan, which survives today as our modern English mow. During a good growing season in England, a second and sometimes a third crop of hay could be grown after the first mowing. When this crop was cut, it was the aftermath. Since the 17th century, the meaning of aftermath has broadened to include all kinds of results, not just those of a second mowing.

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