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Main Entry: ac·tive
Pronunciation: primarystressak-tiv
Function: adjective
1 : producing or involving action or movement
2 : representing the subject as performing the action expressed by the verb <"hits" in "she hits the ball" is an active verb>
3 : having or requiring quick or energetic movements <an active child> <active sports>
4 a : ready for action <takes an active interest> b : engaged or participating in an action or activity <an active member> c : erupting or likely to erupt <an active volcano>
5 : engaged in or requiring full-time service especially in the armed forces <active duty>
6 : marked by present action or use <an active account> <a student's active vocabulary>
7 a : capable of acting or reacting <active ingredients> b : tending to progress or increase <active tuberculosis>
- ac·tive·ly adverb
- ac·tive·ness noun

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