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Main Entry: 1board
Pronunciation: primarystressbomacr(schwa)rd, primarystressbodot(schwa)rd
Function: noun
1 : the side of a ship
2 a : a long thin flat piece of lumber b plural : 1STAGE 2b <trod the boards for 40 years>
3 a : a dining table b : daily meals especially when provided for pay <room and board>
4 : a group of persons who manage, direct, or investigate <board of directors> <board of examiners>
5 a : a flat usually rectangular piece of material designed for a special purpose <cutting board> <chess board> <diving board> b : a surface, frame, or device for putting up notices
6 : a sheet of insulating material carrying circuit elements and connectors so that it can be inserted in an electronic device (as a computer)
- on board : ABOARD

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