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Main Entry: care·ful
Pronunciation: primarystresske(schwa)r-fschwal, primarystresska(schwa)r-
Function: adjective
1 : using care : WATCHFUL <a careful driver>
2 : made, done, or said with care <a careful examination>
- care·ful·ly /-f(schwa-)lemacron/ adverb
- care·ful·ness /-fschwal-nschwas/ noun
synonyms CAREFUL, CAUTIOUS, WARY mean taking care to avoid trouble. CAREFUL suggests that one is alert and thus able to prevent mistakes or accidents <be careful not to get paint on the rug>. CAUTIOUS suggests that one takes special care to avoid problems ahead of time <a cautious driver going slowly around the curve>. WARY suggests that one is suspicious of danger and sly in avoiding it <be wary of strangers>.

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