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Main Entry: 1cause
Pronunciation: primarystresskodotz
Function: noun
1 : something or someone that brings about a result or condition
2 : a good or adequate reason <a cause for worry> <a cause for celebration>
3 a : a ground of legal action b : something supported or deserving support <a worthy cause>
- cause·less /primarystresskodotz-lschwas/ adjective
synonyms CAUSE, REASON, MOTIVE mean something that explains an effect or result. CAUSE applies to any event, circumstance, or condition that brings about or helps bring about a result <slippery roads were the cause of many accidents>. REASON applies to a traceable or explainable cause of a known effect <too little rain was the reason for the poor harvest>. MOTIVE applies to actions explained by a feeling or desire <greater knowledge was her motive for studying so hard> <police are trying to find a motive for the crime>.

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