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Main Entry: 1check
Pronunciation: primarystresschek
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English chek "check (in chess), attack," from early French eschec (same meaning), from Arabic shamacrh "check (in chess)," from a Persian word meaning literally "king" --related to CHECKER, CHESS
1 : the exposing of a chess king to attack
2 : a sudden stopping of progress
3 : something that delays, stops, or holds back : RESTRAINT
4 : EXAMINATION 1, investigation
5 : a written order telling a bank to pay out money from a person's or company's account to the one named on the order <pay a bill by check> <cash a check>
6 a : a ticket or token that shows that the bearer has a claim to something <a baggage check> b : a slip of paper showing the amount due : BILL
7 a : a pattern of squares b : a fabric with such a design
8 : a mark <check> placed beside an item to show it has been noted
- in check : under restraint or control <trying to keep his emotions in check>

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