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Main Entry: di·men·sion
Pronunciation: dschwa-primarystressmen-chschwan also dimacr-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English dimensioun "dimension," from early French dimension (same meaning), from Latin dimensio "measurement, dimension," from dimetiri "to measure out," from di-, dis- "apart" and metiri "to measure" --related to IMMENSE, MEASURE
1 a : extension in one direction <the dimensions of length, width, and height> b : measure of extension in one direction or in all directions : SIZE
2 : the range over which something extends : SCOPE -- usually used in plural
- di·men·sion·al /-primarystressmench-nschwal, -primarystressmen-chschwan-schwal/ adjective
- di·men·sion·al·ly /-primarystressmench-nschwa-lemacron, -primarystressmen-chschwan-schwal-emacron/ adverb
- di·men·sion·less /-primarystressmen-chschwan-lschwas/ adjective

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