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Main Entry: ex·pand
Pronunciation: ik-primarystressspand
Function: verb
1 : to open wide : UNFOLD <a bird with wings expanded>
2 : to increase in size, number, or amount <substances expand when heated> <the expanding universe> <their work expanded>
3 : to work out in greater detail <expand an argument>
4 : to perform the indicated mathematical operations of : write out in full <expand both sides of an equation>
- ex·pand·able /-primarystressspan-dschwa-bschwal/ adjective
- ex·pand·er noun
synonyms EXPAND, SWELL, INFLATE, DILATE mean to increase in size or volume. EXPAND may apply to increases coming from both inside and outside <bread expands as it bakes> <expanded the size of the house by adding a room>. SWELL suggests a gradual enlargement beyond the original or normal limits of a thing <the injury caused her leg to swell>. INFLATE suggests expanding by the addition of air or something that lacks substance <inflate a tire>. DILATE applies especially to the expansion of an outer boundary <the pupils of your eyes will dilate in dim light>.

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