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Main Entry: 1faith·ful
Pronunciation: primarystressfamacrth-fschwal
Function: adjective
1 : LOYAL 1b <a faithful friend>
2 : firm in keeping promises or in fulfilling duties <a faithful worker>
3 : true to the facts : ACCURATE <faithful copy>
- faith·ful·ly /-fschwa-lemacron/ adverb
- faith·ful·ness noun
synonyms FAITHFUL, LOYAL, STAUNCH, STEADFAST mean firm in one's allegiance to someone or something. FAITHFUL suggests that one has a firm and constant allegiance that is based on or as if on a pledge <always be faithful to your duty>. LOYAL suggests that one firmly refuses to desert or betray <citizens who are loyal to their country>. STAUNCH suggests courage and determination in one's allegiance <staunch supporters of the senator>. STEADFAST suggests a steady and unfailing course in love, allegiance, or deeply held belief <a steadfast fighter for civil rights>.

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