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Main Entry: gra·cious
Pronunciation: primarystressgramacr-shschwas
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English gracious "having received divine grace," from early French gracieus (same meaning), from Latin gratiosus "enjoying favor, agreeable," from gratia "favor, thanks," from gratus "pleasing, agreeable, thankful" --related to GRACE, GRATITUDE
1 : marked by kindness and courtesy
2 : pleasing or attractive in motion or form <gracious ballet steps>
3 : characterized by charm, good taste, and politeness <gracious living>
- gra·cious·ly adverb
- gra·cious·ness noun
synonyms GRACIOUS, CORDIAL, AFFABLE, GENIAL mean very pleasant and relaxed in social situations. GRACIOUS suggests courtesy and kindly consideration <a gracious host makes his guests feel comfortable>. CORDIAL stresses warmth and heartiness <the cordial innkeeper welcomed us>. AFFABLE suggests ease and readiness in responding pleasantly to conversation or requests <a principal who is affable and friendly>. GENIAL stresses cheerfulness and even joyfulness <a genial woman with a nice sense of humor>.

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