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Main Entry: 1heavy
Pronunciation: primarystresshev-emacron
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): heavi·er; -est
1 a : having great weight or greater than usual weight b : weighty in proportion to bulk : having a high density <gold is a heavy metal> c : having or being atoms of greater than normal mass <heavy isotopes>
2 : very hard to deal with : GRIEVOUS <a heavy sorrow>
3 : of weighty importance : SERIOUS <words heavy with meaning>
4 : lacking life, gaiety, or charm : DULL
5 : DROWSY 1
6 : greater in volume, force, or power than the average <heavy traffic> <heavy seas> <heavy infantry>
7 : 2OVERCAST <a heavy sky>
8 : LABORIOUS 2, labored <heavy breathing>
9 : using or consuming much <a heavy eater>
10 : rich and not easily digested <heavy desserts>
11 : producing goods (as coal or steel) used in the production of other goods <heavy industry>
- heavi·ly /primarystresshev-schwa-lemacron/ adverb
- heavi·ness /primarystresshev-emacron-nschwas/ noun

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