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Main Entry: height
Pronunciation: primarystresshimacrt, primarystresshimacrtth
Function: noun
1 a : the highest part or point : SUMMIT, CLIMAX b : the most advanced or extreme point <the height of stupidity>
2 a : the distance from bottom to top of something b : the distance above a level
3 : the condition of being tall or high
4 a : a landmass rising above the surrounding country b : a high point or position
synonyms HEIGHT, ALTITUDE, ELEVATION mean distance upward. HEIGHT refers to measuring something from bottom to top <a wall that is three meters in height>. ALTITUDE is used in measuring the distance of an object above a fixed level or surface <a plane flying at an altitude of 5000 feet>. ELEVATION is used in measuring vertical height on land especially above sea level <Denver is situated at a high elevation>.

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