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Main Entry: 1hit
Pronunciation: primarystresshit
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): hit; hitĚting
1 a : to strike usually with force <hit a ball> <the ball hit the house> b : to make or bring into contact with something <tipped over and hit the floor> c : to strike something aimed at <hit the bull's-eye>
2 a : 1ATTACK 1 b : to affect as if by a blow
3 : to arrive with a forceful effect <the storm hit at sundown>
4 a : to come upon : DISCOVER <hit upon the answer accidentally> b : to get to : REACH <hit town that night> <prices hit a new high> c : to reflect accurately <hits the right note>
5 : to fire the charge in the cylinders
- hitĚter noun
- hit it off : to get along well

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