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Main Entry: 1hon·or
Pronunciation: primarystressän-schwar
Function: noun
1 a : a good name or public admiration : REPUTATION b : a showing of respect : RECOGNITION <a dinner in honor of a new coach>
2 : 1PRIVILEGE <whom have I the honor of addressing>
3 a capitalized -- used especially as a title for an official of high rank (as a judge) <if your Honor please> b : one whose worth brings respect or fame : CREDIT <an honor to your profession>
4 a : evidence or a symbol of great respect (as a title or medal) b plural : special credit or recognition given to graduating students for high achievement; also : a course of study for advanced students that is in place of or in addition to regular courses
5 a : CHASTITY, PURITY b : high moral standards of behavior : INTEGRITY <a person of honor>
6 plural : courteous actions of a host or hostess <did the honors at the table>

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