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Main Entry: 1joint
Pronunciation: primarystressjodotint
Function: noun
1 a : the point of contact of two bones in the animal body often including the surrounding and supporting parts b : NODE 2 c : a part or space included between two joints, knots, or nodes <the upper joint of the arm>
2 : a large piece of meat for roasting
3 : a place where two things or parts are joined <a joint in a pipe>
4 a : a cheap or shabby place of entertainment b : 1PLACE 2b, establishment
5 : a marijuana cigarette
- joint·ed /-schwad/ adjective
- out of joint
1 : being a dislocated bone with its head slipped from its socket
2 : out of harmony : in an unsuitable relationship or arrangement
3 : in bad humor : DISGRUNTLED <losing put her out of joint>

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