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Main Entry: 1line
Pronunciation: primarystresslimacrn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English line "thread," partly from Old English limacrne (same meaning) and partly from early French lingne (same meaning), derived from Latin linum "flax"
1 : a long thin cord <a fishing line>
2 : a cord, wire, or tape used in measuring and leveling
3 a : a pipe for carrying a fluid <gas line> <water line> <steam line> b : a wire or set of wires carrying electricity <a power line> <telegraph lines> <a telephone line>
4 a : a row of words, letters, numbers, or symbols that are written, printed, or displayed (as on a page or TV screen); also : space for such a line b : a structural unit of something written (as a poem or a computer program) c : a short letter : NOTE <drop me a line> d plural : the words of a part in a play <forgot her lines>
5 a : something (as a ridge, seam, or wrinkle) that is long and narrow b : the direction followed by something in motion <the line of flight of a bullet> c : the boundary or limit of a place or lot <town line> <property line> d : the difference known or pointed out <the fine line between love and hate> e : the track of a railway
6 : a state of agreement <the red one is more in line with what I had in mind>
7 a : a course of behavior or thinking; especially : an official or public position <the party line> b : what one does or is interested in <is medicine your line?> c : smooth or interesting talk that is often insincere
8 : FAMILY 2 <descended from a royal line>
9 a : the position of military forces facing the enemy <on the front and behind the lines> <our first line of defense> b : an arrangement of persons or things in a series <waiting in line>
10 : goods for sale of one general kind <a line of clothing>
11 : a system of transportation or the route over which it travels <a bus line> <a steamship line> <military supply lines>
12 a : a long narrow mark (as one made by a pencil) b : one of the horizontal lines on a music staff c : the football players whose positions are along the line of scrimmage d : a group of three players who play together as a unit in hockey
13 : a geometric element that is formed by a moving point and that has length but no width or thickness; especially : such an element that is straight
14 a : 1OUTLINE 1, contour <a ship's lines> b : a general plan <a story along these lines>
- between the lines : in such a way as to learn or reveal something not expressed openly <read between the lines>
- down the line
1 : all the way : FULLY
2 : in the future
- in line for : due to receive
- on the line : at great risk <the champ's title is on the line>
- out of line : beyond what is reasonable to put up with <your behavior is getting out of line> <these prices are way out of line>

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