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Main Entry: 2load
Function: verb
1 a : to put a load in or on <load a truck> <load a gun> <loaded my arms with books> b : to place a weight or burden on <vines loaded down with grapes> <load more work on him> c : to supply abundantly <load a person with honors> d : to put runners on (first, second, and third base) in baseball <the pitcher loaded the bases by walking three batters> e : to fill with an often unfair appeal to the emotions <load a question> <loaded words> f : to put something like a load into <load a camera with film> <load a disk drive>
2 a : to put or place in, on, or into something as or as if a load <load wood on a truck> <load film into a camera> b : to copy or transfer into a computer's memory <load a program>
- load·er noun
- load up on
1 : to ingest in usually large amounts <loaded up on his favorite food>
2 : to acquire in usually large amounts <loaded up on dry goods>

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