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Main Entry: mar·ma·lade
Pronunciation: primarystressmär-mschwa-secondarystresslamacrd
Function: noun
Etymology: from Portuguese marmelada "jelly made from quince," from marmelo "quince," from Latin melimelum "sweet apple," from Greek melimemacronlon (same meaning), from meli "honey" and memacronlon "apple"
: a clear jelly containing pieces of fruit and fruit rind <orange marmalade>
Word History Many of us have eaten orange marmalade, but marmalade can be made from any of several fruits. The Portuguese made such a jelly from the quince, a fruit that looks a bit like a yellow apple. The Portuguese word for the quince is marmelo, which is based on the Latin word melimelum, meaning "a sweet apple." The Portuguese called the jelly they made from the quince marmelada. English borrowed this word as marmalade.

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