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Main Entry: 2measure
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): mea·sured; mea·sur·ing /primarystressmezh-(schwa-)rieng, primarystressmamacrzh-/
1 : to mark or fix in multiples of a specific unit <measure off five centimeters> <measure out two cups>
2 : to find out the size, extent, or amount of <measure the piece of paper>
3 : 1ESTIMATE 1 <measured the distance with my eye>
4 : to bring into comparison <measure your skill against an opponent's>
5 : to serve as a measure of <a thermometer measures temperature>
6 : to have as its measurement <the room measures 12 by 12 feet>
- mea·sur·er /-schwar-schwar/ noun

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