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Main Entry: na·ture
Pronunciation: primarystressnamacr-chschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English nature "normal or essential quality of something, nature," from early French nature (same meaning), from Latin natura (same meaning), from natus, past participle of nasci "to be born" --related to INNATE, NATIVE
1 : the basic quality, character, or way in which a thing or person exists or has been formed <the nature of steel>
2 : 1KIND 1a, sort <and things of that nature>
3 : DISPOSITION 3a, temperament <a baby with a happy nature>
4 : a power or set of forces thought of as controlling the universe
5 : natural feeling especially as shown in one's attitude toward others <your generous nature is well-known>
6 : humanity's original or natural condition : primitive life <return to nature>
7 : the physical universe <the study of nature>
8 : the workings of a living body <leave a cure to nature>; especially : an excretory function -- used in phrases like the call of nature
9 : natural scenery <the beauties of nature>

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