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Main Entry: 1nec·es·sary
Pronunciation: primarystressnes-schwa-secondarystressser-emacron
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English necessarie "necessary, required," derived from Latin necesse "necessary, unavoidable," from ne- "not" and cedere "to go, go away" --related to CONCEDE, SUCCEED
1 : going to happen with no way of preventing it : INESCAPABLE <tests are a necessary part of school>
2 : being the only logically possible result <a necessary conclusion>
3 : being required : MANDATORY <it is necessary to attend all practices>
4 : absolutely needed : ESSENTIAL <food is necessary for life>
- nec·es·sar·i·ly /secondarystressnes-schwa-primarystressser-schwa-lemacron/ adverb

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