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Main Entry: 1noise
Pronunciation: primarystressnodotiz
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English noise "noise," from early French noise "quarrel, loud noise," from Latin nausea "seasickness, nausea," derived from Greek nautemacrons "sailor" --related to NAUSEA --see Word History at NAUSEA
1 : a loud, confused, or senseless shouting or outcry
2 a : 3SOUND 1b; especially : a loud, harsh, or unharmonious sound b : an unwanted signal in an electronic communication system
Word History Although loud noise may make us sick, we probably do not think of the words noise and nausea as having much in common. But the word noise came into English from early French, in which it meant "quarrel, loud noise." French had it from the Latin word nausea meaning "seasickness, nausea." Perhaps the original connection was with the unpleasant sounds or complaints made by seasick passengers or sailors. Nausea, after all, came from the Greek word for sailor, nautemacrons.

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