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Main Entry: opĚporĚtune
Pronunciation: secondarystressäp-schwar-primarystresst(y)ün
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English opportune "opportune, suitable, fit," from early French opportun (same meaning), from Latin opportunus "fit, suitable, convenient," from op-, ob- "toward, at" and portus "port, harbor"
: SUITABLE 1, timely <an opportune moment to act>
- opĚporĚtuneĚly adverb
Word History The Latin adjective opportunus was used to mean "fit, suitable, or convenient." It was formed from the prefix op-, ob-, meaning "at or toward" and portus, meaning "port or harbor." The Romans considered something "at the port" to be suitable and ready for use. The French took the word as opportun with the same basic meaning, and the word came into English as opportune in the 15th century. Nowadays it is often applied to a suitable or favorable time for something, or to something that occurs or is done at just the right time.

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