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Main Entry: par·lor
Pronunciation: primarystresspär-lschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English parlour "a room for receiving and talking with guests," from early French parlour (same meaning), from parler "to speak" --related to PARLEY, PARLIAMENT
1 : a room in a home, hotel, or club used for conversation or the reception of guests
2 : any of various business places <funeral parlor> <beauty parlor>
Word History In some monasteries during the Middle Ages, monks were not allowed to speak except when they were in a special room. Such a room was known in early French as a parlour. The word parlour comes from the French verb parler, which means "to speak." In the 13th century, parlour was borrowed into English as parlor. Eventually it acquired the meaning that it has today. Other English words that can be traced to the verb parler include parley and parliament.

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