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Main Entry: 1patĚtern
Pronunciation: primarystresspat-schwarn
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English patron "pattern," from early French patron (same meaning), from Latin patronus "patron, patron saint," from earlier patronus "defender, protector," from patr-, pater "father" --related to PADRE, PATERNAL, PATRON
1 : something worth imitating or using as a guide
2 : a model or guide for making something <a dress pattern>
3 : an artistic form, figure, or design <chintz with a small pattern>
4 : a set of characteristics that are displayed repeatedly <behavior patterns>
- patterned /-schwarnd/ adjective
synonyms PATTERN, EXAMPLE, MODEL, IDEAL mean someone or something that one should follow or imitate. PATTERN suggests a carefully worked out design that should be followed closely <other countries have used our laws as a pattern>. EXAMPLE applies to something that should be followed or sometimes to something certainly not to be followed <set a good example for others> <they were punished for bad behavior and let that be an example for you>. MODEL suggests that the person or thing imitated is very worthy of imitation <a leader who can be a model for all children>. IDEAL suggests something real or imagined that is thought to be the best of its kind that can exist <the ideal of beauty>.

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