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Main Entry: pick up
Pronunciation: (primarystress)pik-primarystressschwap
Function: verb
1 a : to take hold of and lift <picked the book up> b : to gather together : COLLECT <picked up every piece> c : to clean up : TIDY <pick up your room>
2 : to take (passengers or freight) into a vehicle
3 a : to acquire without great effort or by chance <pick up a habit> <picked up a nasty cold> b : to gain by study or experience <picked up a new language while traveling> c : to obtain especially by buying or as a bargain <picked up the shirts on sale> d : to form a brief or chance acquaintance with a stranger e : to take into custody <was picked up by the police>
4 : to find and follow <picked up the outlaw's trail>
5 : to bring within range of sight or hearing <a radio that picks up foreign broadcasts>
6 : to gather or regain speed or strength

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