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Main Entry: 1price
Pronunciation: primarystressprimacrs
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pris "prize, price," from early French pris (same meaning), from Latin pretium "price, money" --related to APPRECIATE, PRAISE, PRECIOUS, 1PRIZE
1 : the quantity of one thing and especially money that is exchanged or demanded in exchange for another
2 : 2REWARD 1 <a price on an outlaw's head>
3 : the cost at which something is gotten or done <victory at any price>
synonyms PRICE, CHARGE, FEE mean payment in exchange for something. PRICE usually refers to the payment asked for goods <the price of a pair of shoes>. CHARGE usually refers to the payment asked for services <the charge for dry-cleaning a pair of pants>. FEE refers to a charge fixed (as by law or a business) for a service or permit <the fee for a driver's license>.

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