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Main Entry: 1pubĚlic
Pronunciation: primarystresspschwab-lik
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English publique "relating to the people as a whole, public," from early French publique (same meaning), from Latin publicus "belonging to the people as a whole," from populus "the people" --related to POPULAR, REPUBLIC
1 a : of, relating to, belonging to, or affecting all the people <public law> b : provided by the government <public education> c : relating to or engaged in the service of the community or nation <public life>
2 : of or relating to community interests as opposed to private affairs <a radio program in the public interest>
3 : devoted to the general welfare <needed leaders with public spirit>
4 : open to or shared by all <a public meeting> <the public library>
5 a : generally known <the story became public> b : WELL-KNOWN <a public figure>
6 : supported by income from public funds and private contributions rather than by commercials <public television>
- pubĚlicĚly adverb

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