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Main Entry: 1pull
Pronunciation: primarystresspudotl
Function: verb
1 : to separate forcibly from a natural or firm attachment <pull a tooth> <pull up carrots>
2 a : to use force on so as to cause or tend to cause motion toward the force <pull a wagon> <pull at a rope> b : to stretch repeatedly <pull taffy> c : to strain by stretching <pull a tendon> d : 1MOVE 1 <the car pulled out of the driveway>
3 : to draw apart : TEAR
4 : 1REMOVE 2 <pulled the pitcher in the third inning>
5 : to bring into the open <pulled a knife>
6 : to carry out with skill or daring : COMMIT <pull a robbery>
7 : ATTRACT 2 <pull customers>
- pull·er noun
- pull oneself together : to regain one's calmness
- pull one's leg : to deceive someone playfully
- pull together : to work in harmony : COOPERATE

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