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Main Entry: 1put
Pronunciation: primarystresspudott
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): put; putĚting
1 a : to place in or move into a position or relationship <put the book down> b : to throw with an overhand pushing motion <put the shot> c : to bring into a state <put it to use> <put the matter right>
2 a : to cause to undergo something <was put to death> b : IMPOSE 1a <put a special tax on luxuries>
3 : to set before one for judgment or decision (as by a formal vote) <put the motion>
4 : 4EXPRESS 1a <put your feelings into words>
5 a : to devote or urge to an activity or end <put your mind to the problem> <put them to work> b : 2INVEST 1 <put our money in the company>
6 a : 1ESTIMATE 1 <put the time at about eleven> b : ATTACH 5 <puts a high value on friendship>
7 : 1GO 1, proceed <the ship put to sea>
- put forth
2 : to bring into action
3 : to produce or send out by growth <put forth leaves>
- put forward : PROPOSE 1 <put forward a theory>
- put in mind : REMIND
- put together
1 : to create as a whole : CONSTRUCT
2 : ADD 1b, combine
- put to it : to give difficulty to <was put to it to keep up>

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