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Main Entry: re·source
Pronunciation: primarystressremacron-secondarystresssomacr(schwa)rs, -secondarystresszomacr(schwa)rs, -secondarystresssodot(schwa)rs, -secondarystresszodot(schwa)rs; ri-primarystresssomacr(schwa)rs, -primarystresszomacr(schwa)rs, -primarystresssodot(schwa)rs, -primarystresszodot(schwa)rs
Function: noun
1 a : a new or a reserve source of supply or support b plural : a usable stock or supply (as of money, products, or energy) <mineral resources> c : NATURAL RESOURCE
2 : the possibility of relief or recovery <left helpless without resource>
3 : the ability to meet and deal with difficult situations

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